JNA or Yugoslav People’s Army tents
Medico`s D-tails, No.011, 017, 018. 1/35

New diorama accessories from Medico`s D-tails in 1/35 scale. JNA or Yugoslav People’s Army tents. Three sets: small tent (No.018), bigger tent (No.017) and tent that is worn by soldiers in full war equipment (No.011). Those are camouflage tents that were used from 1950 and were used later in Balkan wars from 1990 till 1999. There are three types of tents: classic dark green tent, old camouflage tent mod`68 (brown, sandy and green color) and type 89 (dark green, middle green, light green and brown color). Third type of camouflage can be recognizable to the modellers because it was often used in Balkan civil war. It was worn by soldiers, officers’ and even generals. It can be used on the tanks like cover or extra equipment.

Tent is made in full color, on a piece of paper. You will need scissors, glue for paper or instant glue, to make this tent. With few precise cuts, tent will be ready for forming in the desired shape. There is short instruction inside packing about history of it and combinations for its use.  Depending on which shape you will make, some extra details will be needed: like thread for the imitation of rope or some piece of wood, plastic or soldier equipment, for tent holders. There can be a problem for modellers to weather this, because it is made of paper. My suggestion is to use dry pigments, without fixer or just to make shade of dirt with acrylic colors and to spray it with airbrush. Make sure to make big distance between tent and airbrush.

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