Resin Figures

Manufacturer:  Master Club (Russia)

Scale: 1/35

Reviewed by: Edi


MasterClub are a Russian company that produces 1/35th resin figures and accessories and (already well known) metal tracks for the armor in 1/35 scale. There is also minor production of figures in 54mm.

In MasterClub production line of 1/35 scale figures are 125 different resin figures so far, which cover period from WW1 (actual at the moment) to the modern era, in relaxed and dynamic poses.

Predominant among the figures are German and Russian soldiers from WW2, but in production line are also several figures of modern American and Russian, as well as IDF and Middle East subjects. You can check figures catalog on his official site HERE.


All figures are packed in clear plastic box, with item number, title and black and white image of assembled figure on the front. Back side of the box is clear, so you can see actual parts of the figure inside.

The box is quite sturdy, protects very well resin parts inside, which are packed in plastic bag. All is well packed and with care for the small and breakable parts.


Assembly instructions and painting guide aren’t included, so check books or internet sources for the proper colors when painting the figures.

The parts are cast in a grey resin, in high quality, with smooth – polished surface and without seam lines. Parts are on large casting blocks that will be best to tackled with a razor saw and there is also some minor resin film here and there, mainly on finer parts, which needs to be removed, but should be easy to deal with. I didn’t notice any air bubble or similar imperfections on my examples.

The details on the figures are excellent, sharp and clean uniform details, incorporating realistic folds and creases with fabric seams caste deep enough.

The figures are broken down, according the pose, amount of animation in the figure and accessories which wear. Most figures are cast with the legs and body in one piece with separate arms and heads. Some of them have arm/arms casted with the body, but legs are separated…etc. On the examples I get, there is not separated hands from the arms or boots from the legs. Of course, all depends of the pose of the figure and how MasterClub want to achieve the best casting result.

The heads are proportional and mainly are incorporated with the headgear. Facial expressions are consistent with the figure pose and all the details on the face are well modeled, clean and in scale.

Accessories/weapons are realistic replicas with very fine details. The weapons only require the slings to be added for the finish.

PE parts or decals aren’t included.

Below are reviews of a selection of the figures available, to give an overall impression of MasterClub figures.



First figure is Soviet tank crewman in a relaxed pose, leaning with his left hand on the tank, in standard uniform of Russian tank crews throughout the ww2 with headgear.

Classic pose, three part kit, easy to assembly, fits with every tank.






Second figure is young boy from Russian guerilla /WW2, also in relaxed pose, eating …an apple!
The face of the young boy fighter is well presented. In the picture on the box, boy wearing (I think, but not quite sure) MP-18 German submachine gun included in the kit, but there is also German MP-40 and few magazines..So you can choose…

The hat he wears is casted with the head, and when adding left arm, you are done with assembly. Fantastic job of an sculptor.








Brave boy …original image:



Third figure in this review is most complex and consists of 7 parts. Represent Soviet Tank Officer in relaxed pose reading newspapers, leaning back against the tank or some wall, could be table…
Arms, holster and the officer’s bag are molded separately; head is casted with the officer’s hat.

Here we have very thin, folded piece of resin which represent newspapers.
Can be tricky to paint this part to looks like newspapers with images, so instead, I suggest to paint it like propaganda prints, without images, just columns of text and big title on the top of the page. Any thin, straight line in black, draw carefully in 3 or 4 columns will be perfect for 1/35 scale to represent text. You can use some decals if handy or print Russian propaganda prints which can be found on the internet, scale down, print on a printer and glue on the top of the resin…







Various poses, high quality casting and variety of countries and conflicts MasterClub cover with his production line of figures, which would, for sure, easy fit in your vignette or diorama build.

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Thanks to MasterClub for the review samples

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