Otter Light Reconnaissance Car
IBG Models, No. 35019, 1/35

Short History:

The Otter Light Reconnaissance Car was a light armored car produced by General Motors Canada during the Second World War for British and Commonwealth. The Otter was based on the Chevrolet C15 Canadian Military Pattern truck chassis and used many standard GM components. The armament consisted of a hull-mounted Boys anti-tank rifle and a Bren light machine gun in a small open-topped turret. Between 1942 and 1945, 1761 units were produced in Oshawa, Ontario. The Otter served with Canadian units in the Italian Campaign and Northwest European operations. It was also employed by the Polish, Czechoslovakian and South African units and the British RAF Regiment.

What`s In The Box :

New release from IBG Models, and again, a very nice model of British vehicle used in WWII, the Otter Light Reconnaissance Car. This is not first release of this model in plastic in 1/35 scale. Few years ago, Mirror Models has released it as multimedia kit (, which was/is nice kit, but lacked  interior details, armament, etc. Having built the kit I provided some parts to make it more detailed. New IBG Otter, after having a look inside the  box, have all that “missing” details plus some bonus parts. I am not trying to say to avoid Mirror Models Otter, but I would like to draw modellers attention what can you expect from new OTTER kit.

The kit contains 16 sprues in light gray plastic (but only 12 sprues are for this kit), PE and small decal sheet. Assembly instructions contain 38 steps, easy to understand and are in the form of CAD type illustrations that are black and white. Four bonus sprues are for (M and O) are different size wheels used by other versions Chevrolet trucks, they are added as a bonus in this kit.

Assembly starts with wheels. Construction of wheels will need only two parts. Texture on them is made very nice. Manufacturer logo is printed on the, (Good Year) and gives nice detail. Construction is followed by engine, which will look authentic with adding few wires on it. Hood can be made open or closed, depending on the personal taste. Lower chassis is also detailed very nice. One thing that I don’t like is that front wheels axle can be made only in position forward, option to turn them left or right is not included. Of course, some small surgery can solved this problem.

Interior of the model is given in complete; this includes the two crew seats with separate cushions and backrest, driver’s foot pedals with the handbrake and two gear levers. Fire extinguisher is included, same as instrument panel but without decals for it. Rifles for crew, canisters for water/fuel, grenades, British communication radio, anti tank rifle, etc. Those details that can be avoided during construction (if you have in plan to make with hatches closed), but model will look much better if you decide to make hatches open. IBG provided that all hatches and doors on the vehicle can be made as opened or closed.
The extra side rail that was characteristic for British vehicles is provided. There is a two options in building this kit, one version contains extra rear box while other is with aerials. Version with aerials is mostly seen on the pictures from Italian campaign, while version with the box is from West Europe Theater of war (from landing in Normandy).

Painting & Markings:

Decal sheet is nicely printed with a selection of Allied stars, unit insignia plus serial numbers for the three vehicles. The illustrations are printed in black and white. Colour guide is provided only for Vallejo. I would like to suggest new set of British colors made by A.Mig. As always, they made nice shades used by British forces during WWII.

•   Otter Light Reconnaissance Car from Divisional HQ of british 7th Armoured Division, Italy, 1944
•   Otter Light Reconnaissance Car from 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards of 1st  Canadian Infantry Divison Italy, 1943
•   Otter Light Reconnaissance Car from Divisional HQ platoon 11st Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers of 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, France, Normandy, May-Sur-Orne, 9th August 1944


IBG Models continue to make suburb British soft skin vehicles. With nice details and molded parts, I can highly recommend this model to modellers, especially Allied AFV modellers.

Review kit provided by: IBG Models.