Amusing Hobby 1/35 35A002 Panzerkampfwagen VK3002(DB)

Short History:

After the first conflict in which took part new model of tank with modern design T-34, German Ministry of weapons gave the order to produce a new tank that would be equal to Soviet tank (in terms of firepower, mobility, and sloping armor that has increased the effective thickness of the plate ). In fact, it was the continued development of promising models of mass 30 Ton, who in 1937 started the company “Henschel”. “Rheinmetall” gets  account 18th June 1941. year to design a tank armed with a 75 mm cannon caliber great length, at the earliest possible time, that is able to penetrate 140mm thick armor at a distance of 1000 meters. In November of the same year, an order was extended to companies “Daimler Benz” and “MAN”, provided that the new specification defines a tank of mass 35 tonnes and maximum speed of 55 km / h, to ensure engine power from 478 to 515.5 kW. At the same time, the width of the vehicle is limited to 3.15 m, height 3m, while the thickness of the armor was 60 mm. The project, which has made “Daimler Benz” was very similar to the Soviet T-34, especially since it fully taken concept layout of engine transmission department in the rear of the vehicle, main gun which was far ahead of the chassis and power transmission on rear wheels. The first version had the running part performed over eight retaining large diameter wheels, which were hung in pairs over the leaf springs. Quickly they made changes: eight wheels supporting the “checkmate” order, were hanged torsionally and recommended the use of diesel engines “Daimler Benz” 507 MB. Building of prototype VK3002 (DB) began February 1942. years, and 4 weeks later, Hitler gave the order to produce the first 400 vehicles. However, that his opinion is strongly opposed by the Minister of arms Albert Speer, which is considered that tank in combat conditions will be very difficult to identify (because of its resemblance to the Soviet T-34), so it will be exposed to “friendly fire”. As a result, a warrant for a serial production is not approved.

What’s in the box:

Amusing Hobby is ecognized for producing German WW2 tank prototypes, paper tanks. Their newest model is Panzerkampfwagen VK3002 (DB). After reading the above short history of this vehicle, let’s see what’s in the box. First thing is the box art is great and well done. When I open the box, frames were carefully separated in two sections. Each sprue is packaged in its own plastic bag. PE parts and workable track are also included. Frames and tank parts are molded in grey plastic and tracks are molded in red-brown plastic. Gray color of plastic will be nice for primer if you decided to paint this vehicle in panzer gray color. It will not give you too much contrast. Assemble instruction is 17 pages, and is easily understandable.

    Armour side plates on turret and on the chassis have no visible texture and if you are modeller who gives extra attention to every detail, you must apply some of familiar methods to create rough surface of steel. However, welds between parts are nicely done. Hatches on turret and on the chassis can be made open or close. Main gun is molded in one plastic piece. Assembly of the muzzle brake is almost same as on Dragon Models and there is no visible details in the interior of the model.

     Wheels are almost identical as it’s on classic Panther tank. Amusing Hobby made them workable, so if you want to place your model on uneven surface, there will be no need to find right angle between wheels. Just place your model on desire place and with little press down you will get right look. Tools, tool boxes are also included, with recognizable quality of today’s modeling standards.

One of the things that I was pleasantly surprised when I open this box was the tracks. In my opinion, best way to assemble plastic “working” track. This is not something that Amusing Hobby invented in modeling world, we all saw that on some resin tracks, but really something great in plastic models. With workable wheels, nothing cant stop you to create realistic drive of 30 ton tank. Each side has 87 track links, no visible pin marks. On the tracks frames you will notice crampons for ice, but they are not planned for this model. These tracks are classic early Panther tracks.

Painting & Marking:

Painting and marking are provided for five different vehicles. This vehicle was only a prototype project and having never served in any divisions, give us opportunity to create our own version of it.

1. 5. SS Panzer-Division “WIKING“1943-Summer 1944
2. 2. Panzer-Division 1943-1945
3. 1. SS Panzer-Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler“, 1943-1945
4. 24. Panzer-Division 1943-1945
5. 5. SS Panzer-Division, Fall 1944-1945

Colour guide is provided for: Humbrol, Model Master, Tamiya Color, GSI Creos, Mr. Color and Aqueous Hobby Color.


I am not big fan of paper tanks and prototypes, but I’m big fan of the Panther tank. This model drew my attention when I first saw it and after I read the history of this vehicle I knew I wanted to build it. Now, after careful study of the kit, Imy expectations were right.

 I highly recommend this model to all German Armor modellers.

Build blog of this model will be soon

Highly recommended

Review kit of this model was provided by Amusing Hobby