Camouflage and Decals No. 3:  Finnish Fighters WWII

Publisher: MMP Books
Authors: Bartłomiej Belcarz, Kari Stenman, Karolina Hołda
Illustrator: Karolina Hołda
Format: A4, 16 pages in color + Decals
ISBN: 978-83-63678-93-7


Finnish Fighters WWII is the third title in Mushroom Model Publications’ “Camouflage and Decals” series (first release was focused on French aircraft flown by Polish pilots in 1939-1940 and second – late war Messerschmitt Bf 109G).
This title highlights camouflage and markings of six Finnish WWII fighters with well documented schemes provided for modelers to reproduce. Photos and colors profiles describe camouflage and markings in detail.


High quality decals are provided for each aircraft in 1/72 and 1/48 scales on a single A4 sheet. The decals are produced by ModelMaker. Stenciling is not provided.
Brewster 239, BW-393 “7”, kapt. Eino Luukkanen, leader of 1/Lentolaivue 24, 1942,
Brewster 239, BW-393 “9”, luutn. Hans Wind, leader of 3/Lentolaivue 24, 1943,
Fokker D.XXI, FR-140 “11”, luutn. Aaro Virkkunen, 2/Lentolaivue 14, 1942,
Gloster Gladiator Mk I, 271 “A”, fänr. Åke Nettelbladt-Hollsten,  Flygflottilj 19, 1940,
FIAT G.50, FA-15 “5”, kers. Klaus Alakoski, 3/Lentolaivue 26, 1942,
Morane Saulnier MS. 406, MS311 “5”, kers. Antti Tani, 1/Lentolaivue 28, 1941.


The package’s overall looks deluxe. Art on all of the profiles looks very well done, and the text nicely describes the colors and markings of each aircraft, showing (mostly) both sides of each aircraft. Colors are presented in Federal Standard, so check color charts before start painting with any other brand of colors!



Mushroom Models Publications “Camouflage and Decals” are a great product and provides modelers with everything they need to complete a selection of great Finnish World War Two fighters … in two most popular scales for airplane modelers.


Highly recommended!

Thanks to MMP Publishing for the review sample