1. Mk 44 Bushmaster II 30mm gun barrel for KTO Rosomak

MASTER GM-35-012

The company MASTER is created by passion for modeling. We are for you – modelers! We know how important details are for you. We would like to give you possibility to making perfect models, which are the reflection of real originals. The most important for us is your satisfaction, so we do our work as best as we can.

Master-model has released a new set of updates for replacing the main gun for KTO Rosomak Polish APC. This vehicle is one of the best APC`s currently in that world. It is using standard 30mm gun. The set is delivered in their usual sealed plastic bag with cardboard top. The pieces are packed separately, metal barrel is in plastic bag, and muzzle brake is protected in small Styrofoam packing. Instructions are in black and white and easy to follow. The piece in itself is beautiful turned with no scratched or blemishes. Only thing that modeler have to do is open the plastic bag, glue resin muzzle brake with metal barrel and drill a 2mm hole to replace the plastic barrel provided in the IBG Models kit of Rosomak vehicle. Master Model made great job with this one because their barrel is detailed more than plastic one in the kit. You can notice small gaps on the metal barrel on the picture which are not visible on the plastic one. This update is for all who are looking for detail more on their Rosomak kit.

 I made my model using Master barrel. You can see on the pictures above difference in details between plastic one and upgade.

Highly recommended