AM-48-127 A-1 Skyraider barrels and pitot tube


AM-32-093 A-1 Skyraider barrels and pitot tube


Lets look at this brand new releases from Master models to upgrade your a-1 Skyraiders!

For the purposes of this review i am looking at the 1/32 scale set. However, the contents are absolutely identical for the 1/48th version.

Inside the zip loc bags you get:
4 x 20 mm Canon barrels manufactured in brass
4 x blast tubes (without enlarged muzzle)
4 x blast tubes (with enlarged muzzle)
1 x pitot tube
1 x instructions


close up of the barrels note the smaller diameter at one end to allow a good fit into a pre drilled 0.6mm hole


The set allows optional blast tubes to be fitted according to the exact aircraft type you wish to depict. The barrels are all manufactured in brass material whereas the pitot tube is in alloy.

The entire set of barrels, and both types of blast tubes and the extremely finely detailed pitot


The set is very well detailed and really adds fine detail to enhance you Skyraider model. The instructions are very straightforward and importantly denote the exact length of barrel that should protrude from the wing root. Some small modifications are required to the plastic parts. In order to fix the metal parts to your model you will need to use superglue or similar adhesives.

A clear set of instructions with important measurements

Highly recommended detail set to upgrade your skyraiders!

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