Panzer III on the battlefield

World War Two Photobook Series

PeKo Publishing

Peko Publishing is not a new company in book publishing. If you check their web site  ( you can see a range of various books dedicated to WWII armor. I recently got their latest release “Panzer III on the battlefield” and I was pleasantly surprised with information that this book provides.

The Panzerkampfwagen III, commonly known as the Panzer III, was a medium tank developed in the 1930s by Germany, and was used extensively in World War II. The official German ordnance designation was Sd.Kfz. 141. It was intended to fight other armoured fighting vehicles and serve alongside and support the Panzer IV; however, as the Germans faced the formidable T-34, more powerful anti-tank guns were needed, and since the Panzer IV had more development potential, it was redesigned to mount the long-barrelled 7.5 cm KwK 40 gun. The Panzer III effectively became obsolete in this role and was supplanted by the Panzer IV. From 1942, the last version of Panzer III mounted the 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24, better suited for infantry support. Production of the Panzer III ended in 1943. However, the Panzer III’s capable chassis provided hulls for the Sturmgeschütz III assault gun until the end of the war.

Product Description

ISBN 9786155583063
Author Tom Cockle
Release Date 2017
Binding Hardcover
Page number 112
Weight 750 g

Book is provided in landscape format with hard covers, on two languages; Hungarian and English. All photographs and descriptions are equally  printed on both languages. Book contains 112 pages with 105 large black and white photos. For the modellers, this will be very interesting book. You can see one of the most recognizable German tanks during war years, in different environment and seasons. Also, there are photos of repairs, combat and every day in a life of Pz. III  crew.

For a modellers, great inspiration how to build it and make base or diorama for it. For historians, great info for one of most important German tanks from first years of the WWII.

Highly Recommended