Nuts & Bolts Vol.38 – Jagdpanzer IV Part 2- L/70 (Sd.Kfz. 162/1) (Vomag & Alkett)

Soft cover
German & English texts
209 pages
393 photos (160 contemporary photos from manuals, combat and war fronts in b/w, most of them previously unpublished; 214 colour
photos of restored vehicles and their components in public and private collections, 19 colour photos of the three models from T.Greenland, English / German captions, 65 pages English /
German text, 20 pages of scale drawings of all versions and details in 1:35 scale from John
Rue, 17 camouflage schemes from Laurent Lecocq, tactical signs and five tables of
organization of units (Kriegstärke-Nachweisun), tactical signs and five tables of organization of units (Kriegstärke-Nachweisungen KStN) having these vehicles in their arsenal, first published May 17th, 2017

Description (from the Nuts & Bolts webpage)

As previously announced we continue with part 2 on the history of the Jagdpanzer IV. This describes the two versions developed by the companies VOMAG and ALKETT; both types were armed with the 7.5 cm Pak 42 L/70, an anti-tank gun that derived from the famous gun of the Panther. If you take into account that the series production of both versions did not commence until August 1944, it is really surprising that by the end of the war (only 8 months later,) 970 VOMAG and 277 ALKETT vehicles with this armament were built. However, both versions had no major impact on the course of the war.

New very interesting release from Nuts & Bolts and one of “popular” vehicles for modellers from WWII. As we all know, this tank destroyer was used in second half of WWII. Nuts & Bolts provided a lot of historic photographs; from in combat use, daily photos made by crew and war journalists, destroyed vehicles from WWII same as surviving models now days with walk around photos.

There is also organization and structure of anti tank units, for easy understanding how they functioned. Color profiles made by historic pictures, that can help modellers in painting and also in weathering their models.

There is a section that covers components used on the vehicle found in museums and private collections with 200+ color photographs.

Once again this is another ‘must have’ book from Nuts & Bolts for anyone interested in the history or for those that are modelling this vehicle.

This book is dedicated to John Rue, who was part of Nuts & Bolts team and died on the 1. March 2017.

As with all of the Nuts & Bolts publications Very highly recommended!