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1/35 Under Fire. Modern US Infantry by Master Box

1/72 FV-622 Stalwart Mk.2 6×6 by ACE

1/35 T-34-76 with Soviet Tank Riders by ICM


1/144 DH Vampire FB.5 Europe & North Africa (2in1) by Mark.I Model

1/32 I-16 Type 24 WWII Soviet Fighter by ICM

1/72 Anti-Ballistic Missile SM-3 & Tomahawk Cruise Missile by Fine Molds


1/700 IJN Warship Fuji with Nameplate (Limited Edition) by Foresight

1/700 IJN Battleship Musashi by Aoshima

1/700 IJN Submarine Tender Taigei SP by Aoshima

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