1945 German Colors, Camouflage Profile Guide
AK Interactive
AK 403

72 pages

This new publication from AK Interactive deals with German vehicles in final year of the war. You can find in the book, and I can also agree with Mig, that this phase of the war is probably most interesting for many modellers, because there were many original camouflages on the vehicles. Book have 72 pages of color profiles showing more than 180 colour renderings.

It`s in 3 chapters.
First  chapter includes color profiles of carefully studied black and white photos, transforming in real colors (vehicles like Panther, Stug III, Tiger…).
Second chapter presents “paper Panzer’s” or German prototypes and ideas for future Panzer’s (1946 Lowe, Waffentrager Pak-43…) and in third chapter you can find models build by Mig Jimenez, with his ideas for late war Panzer’s camouflage. This book can help you to find idea for some of your models or it can give you idea to create your own camouflage colour varients using some of these color profiles.

The book comes in a little short with it’s page count and the text adds up to only three pages with the rest as colour profiles. Ak Interactive have also released 1945 German Late War Colors Set (AK-554) that you can use with the book, this way you can easily find right shade for your model.