MSTA-S Russian 152 mm Self-propelled Howitzer

Zvezda Models, No. 3630, 1/35

Short History:

The 2S19 “Msta-S” (Russian: Мста, after the Msta River) is a self-propelled 152.4 mm howitzer designed by Russia/Soviet Union, which entered service in 1989 as the successor to the SO-152. The vehicle is based on the T-80 tank hull, but is powered by the T-72’s diesel engine.

What`s inside the Box:

This kit comes in large hard box cover, opening like pizza box, standard packing from Zvezda. On the front cover there is a picture showing this tank in one tone Russian green camouflage, in action. Kit contains 12 sprues in light gray plastic, upper and lower hull, transparent sprue, two nets (instead of PE grills) and decal sheet. All parts are casted very nice with fantastic details on them. No visible flesh a pin marks on visible sides. I tested fitting of larger parts, hulls and turret, and they fit very nice. Assembly instruction is in standard Zvezda way; 44 steps on 9 pages. It can be easy read and follow.

During the construction there are two options provided to assemble the model. One is for the transport/riding version of howitzer and second is for in-action mode. Most differences are visible on the main gun barrel in different parts to glue and in the rear of vehicle, where is loading platform for ammunition. It is provided in firing mode and transport mode. Also one sample of ammo is provided if you like to add this detail for in-action mode.

Hatches for the crew can be built open or closed. There are details on the both sides, so you can place figure in them if you have that in plan for your model.

Turret can rotate.

The biggest minus is a main gun. It is detailed very nice but it is provided in “old way”. Two plastic half tubes that need to be glued with the bonus part of muzzle brake. It will be not a big problem for standard WWII barrel but for this one, with all details like rings and other, can be really challenging. As far as I can see, main gun can elevate up and down. Just follow the instructions and watch which parts not to glue.


Tracks are made in link and length variant, not standard link by link option, with the detail of “teeth” stripes that need to be glued as a separate part. Following assembly instruction, this  should not be difficult to do. Only problem can be that you can’t make them to be workable or to make road wheels on uneven surface. Luckily, there are already aftermarket tracks, so they can be replaced with those in the box.

Markings and Painting:

Painting and markings are provided for three versions. One that we saw on Moscow Victory Parade (Russian green or protective green color), the second version is again Russian green with standard Guards marking, for Soviet vehicle and third I guess in new Russian use.  Color guide is provided for Zvezda and Humbrol colors.


Review kit of this model was provided by : Scale-Model-Kits