Real Colors of WWII
Authors – Jürgen Kiroff, Przemyslaw Skulski, Mike Starmer & Steven Zaloga

Hard Cover:  208 pages
Publisher: AK Interactive
Language: English
Year: November 2017

Product Description
A limited edition and accurately printed book devoted to the original colours of vehicles used during WWII, authored by Jürgen Kiroff, Przemyslaw Skulski, Mike Starmer & Steven Zaloga, with the contribution of other recognized experts on the subject.
A real travel through the research conducted in official, private and industry archives. This book reveals the development and use of colors on the German, Soviet, US and British army vehicles during WWII. 208 pages full of text, black & white and colour archive photographs, profiles, colour chips, photos of preserved vehicle parts and equipment, documents, general camouflage rules, etc.
A must-have for modellers who want to know more about the real thing, and THE definitive guide on the WWII AFV colours.


We will start off with the actual book and its quality which is high end. Nice large hardcover book with heavy satin stock used which makes for a perfect medium to print images and colour profiles. Also included in the book is a paint chart of most of the colours you will find in the book and also find in AK Interactive new line of paints ‘Real Color’ covering different years and theatres of war.

In the book you will find painstaking research done by four well known, expert authors dealing with WWII research on armour and equipment. The pages are crammed with informative text, black & white, colour photographs, camouflage schemes, profiles, general camouflage rules and so much more.  It seems that these authors have left no stone untouched when it comes to the nitty-gritty of paint colour during WWII. Their research looks at private, official and paint industry records about the development and use of colours on German, Russian British and U.S. armour. Each chapter delves further into the subject at hand with some of the information being new to some or giving a better explanation of often debated theories on modelling web forums.




This will be a modeller’s definitive reference for painting and camouflage of WWII armour and Equipment. You should get a good idea of the in depth research that has been done in the 200 plus page book by looking at the images that are provided in this review. (Click images for larger versions.)
This is definitely THE book to have on the shelf or the modelling bench while painting armour or equipment of the four main combatants of WW II.


Highly Recommended

Many thanks to AK Interactive for their book to review.