Dunkirk 1940 Through a German Lens
Camera ON (Book 3)
Author: Alan Ranger

88 pages
Publisher: MMPBooks (October 11, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8365281724
ISBN-13: 978-8365281722

Camera On series of books are a look on the equipment and operations of the German Wehrmacht in WWII. The focus is on overlooked operations and vehicles. The books provide a large number of previously unseen images, many from private collections

This new book from the publisher MMP Books Camera ON series provides a compelling new look on the battle of Dunkirk 1940 which comes at a time when there has been much interest in this battle because of the movie ‘Dunkirk’
This new photo album contains 200+ photos of the Battle for Dunkirk – from the German perspective with private snaps taken by German soldiers.

The Beaches
The Town
The Roads Leading to Dunkirk
The Wreckage of Crashed Aircraft
The Captured Rear Guard (POWs)

The book should provide a different look at the aftermath of the battle with many excellent images for those into building dioramas. There are many photos that reference seekers to look over for builds or just for the military enthusiast of the historic battle that took place in 1940

Highly Recommended

Many thanks to MMP Books for the review sample.