The Invasion of Sicily 1943
(Images of War)
Jon Diamond (Author)

248 pages
Publisher: Pen and Sword (October 17, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1473896096
ISBN-13: 978-1473896093

The ambitious Operation HUSKY required meticulous planning. Montgomery’s Eighth Army and Patton’s Seventh landed successfully although the air landing proved costly. While the outcome was not in doubt the mountainous terrain acted in the defenders favor. The German presence was higher than expected and the vast bulk of the enemy were Italian. In little over a month, the first Americans reached Messina.

The strategic plan was successful: the Italian capitulated, Hitler had to reinforce his Southern flank relieving pressure on the Soviets and valuable lessons were learned by Allied for D-Day.

This new publication, The Invasion of Sicily 1943, shows the British, Canadian and American forces launching their seaborne attack against Axis Italy by way of the island of Sicily. The book is filled with hundreds of images that have been captioned quite extensively. Each chapter is quite thorough in its explanation of the subject at hand.
From time to time Pen & Sword has published an Images of War Special edition and this very well could have been one with the amount of history and images provided. In the 248 pages the author has provided us with an invaluable history of the first step in the war to free Europe of the Axis hold in Europe.

Chapter 1 Strategic Prelude to the Invasion of Sicily
Chapter 2 Terrain, Fortification and Installations
Chapter 3 Commanders and Combatants
Chapter 4 Landings and Axis Counter Attacks
Chapter 5 Allied Advances and Sicilian Objectives Captured

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the invasion of Sicily. Military enthusiast should enjoy the text heavy sections describing each chapter. Modellers should find some reference for vehicles, equipment and uniforms. There are many images that could be made into terrific dioramas too.

Highly Recommended


Thanks to Pen & Sword for the review copy.