Panzerjäger on the battlefield (Vol 15)

Author: Jon Feentsra

ISBN: 978-615-5583-07-0

Language: English/Hungarian

No of Photos: 105

No of Pages: 112

Physical: Hardcover, 300x215mm, landscape

New PEKO book is dedicated to Panzerjagers of German army during the WWII. Most of the pictures from this book, comes from private collection. Vehicles that are presented in the book are from small to big guns. Book provide big landscape photos, followed by English and Hungarian language. Every photo have explanation for specific details on the vehicle made by researches of the author and time and place where it was taken.

For a modellers, great inspiration how to build models and make base or diorama for it. For historians, great info for most important German tank hunters thru the  years of the WWII.

Highly Recommended