Soviet Aero-Sleighs of World War Two in Service with the Red Army, Finnish Army
and the German Wehrmacht[/u]Jim Kinnear

Tankograd Publishing
Illustrated with 127 black&white photographs
57 graphics & two 1/35 scale line drawings.
Language:English/ German text
Number of Pages:80

The Aerosan (Russian for “Aero-Sleigh” or propeller-driven sleigh) is a very specific form of military vehicle that was used operationally in snowbound winter regions of northern Europe by the armies of several countries during the first half of the 20th century.

Tankograd has released new addition to their Soviet Special section which brings us the a strange vehicle known as the Aerosan.
The first part of the book looks at the development and design that was started in the winter of 1904-05 through out the First World war, Russian Revolution,and up to the Finnish-Russian War in 1939-40. Within this section of the book you will find images and drawings of the Aerosan during the above periods.
 The second section of the book deals in depth with the development of the Aerosan through out the Second World War and it’s use in combat.
 The Finnish Army’s and German Wehrmacht use of the Aerosan is the last chapter in the book with 15 pages and numerous images.

 The book is done up in the usual Tankograd style of German text on the left and English on the right of a page. Drawings and numerous period photos are provided throughout the book which will give the modeler a wealth of reference on this subject. With 20 years of research put into this book, historians looking for reference on the Aerosan will find this to be a goldmine of information.

Definitely Recommended.

Many thanks to Bookworld for the review copy.

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