Lockheed Constellation: Legend of the Sky
From Excalibur to Starliner Civilian and Military Variants
Dominique Breffort
Andre Jouineau

144 pages with colour and b/w throughout
ISBN-10: 9782915239621
ISBN-13: 978-2915239621 
Histoire and Collections  

Designed just before World War Two after special requirements from the American tycoon Howard Hughes, the Lockheed Constellation is celebrated today as one of the finest flying machine ever built. As a civilian aircraft, it has been the first airliner able to cross the Atlantic Ocean non stop, but it also has had a respectable military career, thanks to its brilliant characteristics which allowed it to fulfill missions of electronic warfare and AWACS.

From Excalibur to Constellation
The C-69
The L-049
The L-649 and the L-749
The military L-749s: C-121A & WV-1
The Constellation in Detail
The L-1049: ‘Super Constellation’
The L-1649: ‘Starliner’
Super Constellations in the US Navy
The USAF’s Super Constellations
Versions and Variants
Production Lists
Selected Bibliography

First let me tell you, this is a image heavy book with technical details and chronology of the military and civilian aircraft. There are a few lists and diagrams but for the most part it’s a real ‘Connie’ lovers book.

The book is printed on heavy glossy stock which really shows the illustrations and colour artwork off. The text is translated from French so there are a few sentences that make you scratch your head but it pretty well does a good job at telling the story of the Constellation very well.

This is a must have for all ‘Connie’ fanatics as well as those interested in aircraft from the Golden Age of Airliners.
Also a great resource for modellers that are building kits of the Constellation.

Highly Recommended

My thanks to Tara from Casemate Publishing for the review copy.

Review by
S. Danis

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