Russian BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Louncher
Trumpeter No.01013, 1/35

Short History :

The BM-21 launch vehicle (Russian: БМ-21 “Град”), (Grad) a Soviet truck-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher, and a M-21OF rocket were developed in the early 1960s. BM stands for boyevaya mashina, ‘combat vehicle’, and the nickname grad means ‘hail’. The complete system with the BM-21 launch vehicle and the M-21OF rocket has designation as M-21 Field Rocket System. The complete system is more commonly known as a Grad multiple rocket launcher system. In NATO countries, the system (either the complete system or the launch vehicle only) was initially known as M1964. Several other countries have copied it or developed similar systems.

What`s In The Box :

Kit contains 475 parts on 12 sprues in gray colored plastic, photo-etched parts, sprue with transparent parts, 7 black vinyl tires and decals. The model comes in a hard box, with a standard good box art that we are used to see in recent years, when it comes from Trumpeter. All frames are packed in plastic bags. Some parts are more protected. Assembly instructions are printed in b/w and contain 30 steps on 16 pages. Instructions are easy to follow. No visible flash on the frames and a very small number of pin marks, so spending hours on sanding and filling will not be necessary.  There are interior details; vehicle/model has a fully detailed interior, detailed engine compartment and driving compartment. Interior of a engine is not necessary to be built, but this will give a pretty strong picture of the model.  By adding few wires – it will make the engine compartment eye-catching. The interior includes a structured bottom panel, valves, levers, pedals, seat, etc… Crew fired rockets from the cab so the firing controls are provided in the cabin with nice details. Windows are fixed so you cannot set them up or down without “surgery”. Option of the doors builds in open or closed position.  Hood can be also made open.
Assembly of the rocket pack and launcher is in three steps. It doesn’t look complicated. As this rocket packs are made of plastic, little sending will be needed in compounds. There are PE after-market sets of rocket pads for this kit, so you can use them if you prefer PE parts and accuracy in thickness.
Wheels are made from 2 plastic parts and vinyl tyre.  Manufacturer’s brand is imprinted on rims. Tires are nicely molded. Tread on wheels are very good and give very impressive look to this truck.

Painting & Marking:

Instructions for painting and markings are given in full colour for one vehicle. Standard Russian green painting with “Gvardiya” Guards badges on the doors. Colour guide is provided for: Humbrol, Model Master, Tamiya Color, Mr. Color and Vallejo.

Conclusion :

Highly Recommended for all Soviet model fans. It can be made as Third World/Middle East artillery, from very recent and current war zones.

Highly Recommended

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