Commonly painted in Yellow-Brown with Green-Gray spots  in the early stages of the war, to the new Yellow-Brown RAL 8020 and Sand Gray RAL 7027, used from 1942, Axis vehicles in Africa during World War II had many official and unofficial camouflage schemes.

AK-Interactive give us, in one book,  170 color profiles of vehicles used by the Deutsche Afrika Korps (D.A.K.) and Regio Esercito (Italian forces in Africa in WW II), on 108 pages.

The book is printed on high quality paper and the cover and back cover are double, which adds strength and a nice solid feeling to the book.

The book contains an introduction and sections for Light, Medium and Heavy AFVs, Artillery, Color chart, photo references of real vehicles and bibliography.


Drawings are clean, well-drawn, and some of the vehicles can be seen from multiple perspectives. Profiles does not contain darkened places, which are often seen on illustrations in publications, mainly in the lower parts around the wheels. That is not the case in this book. Illustrators: Carlos Fresno, Thierry Vallet, Julio Lopez Caeriro and Luis Fresno Crespo did a very good job, and personally, i would like to see more of their profiles in further books.

The artists devote full attention to all the details so that the drawings are clear and equal lightened.

The profiles represent vehicles painted in the most common camouflage, to the most original and unusual vehicles used by the DAK and Regio Esercito.

The color profiles reflect weathering and dust. This can be very useful for modelers as it shows the variations in how the standard colors might appear in service.
All profiles have captions with information when the reference photo was taken and in which unit vehicle served.

Addition of Allied vehicles, serving with the Axis troops, is the gem of this book.

On the end of the book are color references and reference photos, which is good addition.

In conclusion, a very high quality book if you have a interest in the subject, and I am sure, welcomed addition to modellers and wargamers along with the AK 550 Africa KorpsColors Acrylic Set, and the AK 068 DAK Weathering Set.

Price: 21.50 EUR

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