The first two sets in the latest Vallejo range Stahlhelm Series paint sets are now available.
Each color set contains 8 standard Vallejo acrylic colors (17ml eyedropper bottles), chosen by Jaume Ortiz, a worldwide recognized painter of WWII German subjects, including detailed step-by-step leaflets that will guide you through the process of painting, printed bilingual: Spanish/English.

WWII German Field Grey Uniforms Paint Set
Art. – 70181

Field Grey tone varied during the war due to the diverse manufacturers of dyes and fabric and also because of differences in their quality. Among the color variants, three dominant tones are usually identified, field grey
“grey”, field grey “green”, and field grey “olive”.


In the set you can find colors for all variations. For each variation there is basic color, plus colors for the highlight and shadows.



Jaume Ortiz provides us the easy way of painting figures.
How many layers of highlight and shadows you want to add – depends on you, but 3 for each is some standard and recommended to get the smooth blending between colors.
Adding the highlight tone to the basic tone we create (recommended) three gradual highlights. Same is for the shadows, by adding the shade color.
Even if we use a certain tone for highlighting each basecoat color at the step-by-step guide, any of them can be used to highlight any basecoat tone, getting multiple color combinations to get any desired tone.



Two examples of the same figure painted in different Field Grey variations are provided in the leaflet, with step-by-step images and explanation with the exact proportion of mixing colors.

WWII German Waffen SS Camouflage
Art. – 70180

Waffen-SS was known for making two-sided germants with different tones in each side. In this set you can find colors for 3 variations in camouflage depending on season: spring/summer camouflage and the autumn/winter season. This set contains the colors needed to paint Plane Tree (Platanenmunster), Palm Tree (Palmenmunster) and Oak Leaf (Eichenlaubmunster) camouflages.



The set also includes the correct colors for shading and highlighting the camouflage tones in order to achieve a tridimensional effect.


In leaflet is included a step-by-step guide of the painting process of two types of camouflage, each one for a different season variant, again technique by Jaume Ortiz. Painting basic camouflage, adding shadows and on the end highlights.


Both sets contains standard Vallejo colors from the Model Color series and Panzer Aces series, you already may have some of them, but are packaged in convenient matched sets that take the guess work out of choosing the correct colors. All colors you need are in one place, and if you forget something just open leaflet and remind yourself. Make modeling easy…and organized…

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