Advertising & Submitting items for review:
Companies/Manufacturers are welcome to send samples or kits for review on given the conditions outlined below.

Please contact or for more information or a postal address to send item(s) to. is an international community of modellers founded by modellers.
Its aim is to to bring reviews, news and feature articles to modellers and for others to show their progress with their latest work, ask for help, and to be able to share ideas and tips.

We are a non-profit site so we do we do look for modelling products and publications to review or sample and then pass this collected information along to fellow modellers.

In return for for the product samples we will provide space on our site for these companies to place a banner that will link to their website. .

Those that provide items that receive a review or samples will have their company banner listed on the Front page for two months. If we continue to receive samples or kits than the banner will continue to stay posted.

Modelling Retailers are welcome to inquire how to promote your business on our front page.

We will make every effort to review unsolicited item(s) received but time constraints and other factors may preclude some item(s) from the review process.

Any unsolicited item(s) sent for review is done so on the understanding is under no obligation to review the item(s) sent. Once received it will be up to either to review the item or not.

We can not return item(s) sent for review.

Most products submitted directly to will be previewed with images and link when available. Some of the kits will get full build-up reviews with links in addition to the initial preview. Accessories and tools will be used as are practical.  Appropriate credit and links will be included with reviews.


“Does pay for articles?” does not pay for articles or reviews.

If a member wishes to write a review, it will need to be submitted to the administration before it will be posted. Any reviews that are added to the site without this approval will be removed and the poster will be notified.

Please do not post scanned pictures from books or magazines, or images/text from the Internet that are under Copyright.